A Biblical Worldview of Secondary Education

Our school mission statement is: To be a caring Christian community that supports families by providing a quality Christ-centred education which develops the whole person for life and eternity.

This reflects our understanding that we play a part in an eternal plan of redemption for our school community. Our Christian Secondary education must be seen as a part of the biblical meta-narrative; it must have a biblical worldview. The mission statement also recognises the potentially radical influence that young people can have for our world now and for eternity.

A Christian Secondary education, therefore, is more than what is largely publicised by the media statements from politicians, many of whom are grounded in humanist philosophy. The humanistic, reductionist educational paradigm considers education to be prescribed content delivered to students to memorise and replicate in external examinations. “Successful” students then move to the work force or Tertiary education. It aims to produce ethical citizens who “add value” to society, and in particular, its economy. I hope we all understand that a child is more than a “unit of capital” to bolster the economy. We need to battle against this philosophy that aims to diminish the precious and gifted young people whom God entrusts to our care.

Richard Warren

Assistant Principal (Secondary)

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